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What makes different to other holiday rental platforms?

There is a crucially important difference between and other holiday rental platforms.  We charge the same fees (in fact, often less) than other platforms.  We also have the same key functions and features.  Nevertheless, whereas they pocket all the profits, sending them back over to their investors in Silicon Valley, we give all of our excess profits - a huge 80% - directly back to the communities who use our platform.  We are all now familiar with the tragedy that has befallen communities that have welcomed tourists: lack of affordable housing, lack of stable employment, loss of cultural and natural heritage, loss of community identity.  We want to finally do things differently by utilising our platform to generate funding to offset all of these negative impacts. 

It also worth emphasising some of our other strengths.  We want to be a platform that finally cares.  Within that, we have made excellent customer service and dedicated support a core aspect of our operations, with the aim to ensure that there is always a real and compassionate human available to immediately listen, advise and take action.  We will also be adding many other features and functions soon, including our mobile apps (coming in Autumn 2022).

How is so cheap when it gives so much away?

This is a valid question.  We charge less than Airbnb and VRBO, and the same as, but whereas they pocket all of the profits, while engaging in minimal expenditure on “greenwashing” and government lobbying, we focus a minimum of 80% of all revenue on achieving sustainability, wealth, health and happiness in the communities that welcome tourists through our platform.  Quite simply, we keep our costs low and operations efficient.  We do not spend extravagant sums on a bloated, oversized and overpaid management structure.  We are extremely prudent in how we utilise funding to grow the business.  And, we are self-proficient and focus on utilising and nurturing talented people within our own organisation.  It is also true that a large chunk of the revenue generated by these businesses goes towards marketing, in order to maintain their market dominance.  However, we believe that we are providing such a new and exciting approach to this industry - one that finally cares - that we will be able, with our skilled marketing team and knowhow, to achieve the same marketing impact with much lower expense.  For one, we expect to keep growing our loyal customer base, which is something other profit-hungry companies will struggle to do.

How much money do you make?

As a CIC and Charity, all of our financial activities will be transparent and will be available for public scrutiny at Companies House and the Charity Commission.  We will also regularly publish updates and reports on our activities and how money has been managed and allocated by the enterprise, here at and on our Stayzia News site.  80% of all the revenue received through is immediately donated, via Gift Aid, to our charitable arm, the Community Prosperity Foundation.  Any donations received through, from fundraising or from elsewhere will go directly to the Community Prosperity Foundation.  For the remaining 20% of revenue from, this goes to our CIC and goes towards our operating costs, such as web development, marketing of properties, customer support, salaries, web hosting, subscriptions and services, and general business expenditure.

What is the difference between and

Quite simply, is our main platform that is the home of our holiday rental service, Stayzia.  It has much more information on how Stayzia works, including further FAQs in our helpful Stayzia Help Hub. is the site that represents our social enterprise activities, principally as the homeplace of our community interest operations and our charity, the Community Prosperity Foundation.  Over time, will contain much further information about our community benefit activities and about the CIC and charity's governance and operations.

How are you sure the money you are spending is actually helping the communities you serve?

Please feel free to review our Funding Charter, which should give much further information about how profits will be allocated to supporting the communities that host visitors through Stayzia.  We will always work closely with the communities that host our visitors, to ensure that money is used in a way that best matches local interests and local needs.  This will be through the provision of grants, loans and investment, with details always being published here on  In all cases, we will also monitor our impact and evaluate how effective different projects and activities have been.

How can I find out more?

There are various ways to find out more.  First and foremost, there is plenty more information on our main site,  There you can also text chat with us through the blue button at the bottom-right of the screen, as well as contact our support team via email.  You should also keep abreast of the latest news, developments and leading advice through our Stayzia News hub.  Finally, it would be worthwhile signing up to our newsletter (below), which will be an occasional email discussing highlights across our latest development and will also include updates on our community benefit activities.