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About Stayzia C.I.C.

Helping residents to stay happy, healthy and housed in their local communities.

Stayzia is a social enterprise dedicated to protecting communities around the world from the negative effects of unsustainable tourism.  Like millions of others, we place great value on the global tourism industry.  It brings hundreds of fantastic benefits to communities in all corners of the world, including a whole host of economic, social and cultural benefits.  


However, it also has a lot of negative effects.  Millions are suffering from displacement from their home communities, from rapidly accelerating house prices and a proliferation of empty 'second homes' or low-value holiday rentals.  Work in tourism communities is highly seasonal, making it challenging to sustain a healthy and happy livelihood.  What is more, many of the profits generated from tourism does not go to the hard-working local residents and families, but is dissipated out to wealthy landowners and shareholders. 


It is a wonderful thing that hotels, hostels, B&Bs, homeowners and those with spare rooms can now advertise their space to a global community of travellers online.  However, up until now, the providers of these short-term rental services have simply pocketed the profits. has changed this.

We founded Stayzia in 2021 after witnessing these very same problems of unsustainable tourism in our homeland of Cornwall in the UK..  It was immediately clear that the problems we have in Cornwall, as a result of the sudden expansion of affordable global tourism, are problems experienced everywhere.  Using grant funding from a number of sources and with the support of our fantastic patrons and ambassadors, we are on a mission to change the holiday rental market for the better.  

How Stayzia Works

Stayzia C.I.C. donates 80% of all the revenue received from directly back into the very tourism communities that are hosting our guests in their community.  When you consider that Airbnb proudly announced a recent global campaign to increase its contribution to the communities they serve equivalent to around 0.25% of their annual revenue, it's clear that we are doing things differently.  The money raised supports a whole range of issues in the communities affected by tourism, depending on the local issues specific to each area, such as housing developments, help for local families buy their own homes, investment in sustainable tourism projects and businesses, community projects, providing consultancy to local businesses and residents, the development or relocation costs of changing unsustainable uses of space, and much more.

Who are We? is run by Stayzia C.I.C., a community interest company regulated by the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies at Companies House (Company Number: 13870480).  Being a CIC ensures that we are strictly regulated to guarantee that all our activities are set up to benefit the community, in line with our Community Interest Statement.  It further provides trust, confidence, transparency and assurances over the allocation of profits to the communities we serve.  We are also the Community Prosperity Foundation, a charity run by Stayzia and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee at Companies House, with registration with the Charity Commission in progress (Company Number: 14091732).  To provide for better governance, we carry out our community benefit activities through this charitable arm. is intended to be the homeplace of these companies, where we will share information about our activities and provide reports on performance and community impact.

As expert web product developers and savvy businesspeople, we can do all this charging only a fraction of the existing businesses out there in the world.  In other words, we keep our overheads extremely low and our operating costs lean, so that we can keep as much as possible for the wonderful communities that welcome us all.  Join us on this mission - all are welcome. 
Get in touch if you want to discuss concerns about overtourism issues in your local area, need help staying in your community, or have a project which you believe will help a community affected by these issues.  Please also sign up to our newsletter, to keep informed of our work.

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